Mufflers Brakes and More

Owned and operated by family members since 1980, and still serving the public at the same WPB location, Mufflers Brakes and More, is a collaboration of talented and conscientious Exhaust System, Designers, Fabricators, Installers, and just plain problem solvers, who happen to be brothers. If you have an Exotic or Classic, we can provide you with a quality exhaust system, usually better in design and servicability, for a fraction of the cost of the dealer replacement (WHEN AVAILABLE). There are also times when there just "aint no such thing" as what you're looking for. That's when Team MBM really shines. Good examples of cars where our clients benenfit from knowing us would be, Rovers, Beamers, Jags, Audis, Benz's, Many Rolls, (especially the older ones), VW's, Lexi, Toyotas, Most Nissans. All fabricated systems are custom fitted onto the car they will live, making for precision fits. If you're going to be in the neighborhood, stop in with your special need, and we'll be happy to help and advise you. West Palm Beach WPB W.P.B.190e03.jpg

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